Move your cube from side to side to avoid the obstacles!

There are more than 70 premade levels, infinite levels, quests and more!

New in Version 2.6:

Added English Translation.

Added Language setting.

Added Crappy Mario bonus level.



Added partial Controller support: Move with the left joystick, Jump with A, Slow down with B, Pause with the start button.

Splash screen is now dark and shorter.



13 bugfixes!

Android support added back for this version.

More than 70 premade levels!

Play more than 70 premade levels with different themes. There are a couple of basic worlds and also themed ones!

Most worlds are accessable from the start, but some you have to unlock in the shop.

The Shop

In the shop you can buy upgrades, worlds, skins and colors! There's even a skin that changes color. You can buy these items with coins.

Collect coins by playing levels and completing quests!


Collect coins by completing quests. These quests can be completed by doing certain actions in the game.

More quests will be added soon!

Infinite Levels

Are the premade levels not enough for you? There are also infinite levels!

Choose a theme and difficulty and an infinite random level will be generated.